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Welcome to Tim Jackson’s website. This site is a source of news and information about Tim’s work both as ecological economist and as radio dramatist. It is updated regularly and offers links to his talks, publications and radio plays.

Tim Jackson
Prosperity without Growth, 2nd Edition
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Substantially revised and re-written edition of Prosperity Without Growth out now | You can purchase the book online on Routledge, HiveWaterstonesiBooks and Amazon. The new edition is also available in  DE / FR / IT.

Latest News
Die großen Irrtümer der Globalisierung, D2019

Die großen Irrtümer der Globalisierung

Documentary, D2019

German Documentary produced for ZDF, investigating the ‘big fallacies’ of globalisation. Available in German on the ZDF info website (until 17 April 2020).

Managing a Post-Growth Economy: Circularity, Productivity and Inequality

Managing a Post-Growth Economy: Circularity, Productivity and Inequality

Tim Jackson in conversation with Emanuele Di Francesco
“The circular economy is a very good idea, but it is a better idea when it is placed in the context of delivering prosperity, rather than aimed at increasing growth.” A conversation between Emanuele Di Francesco and Tim Jackson, discussing post-growth concepts of a circular economy, the limits of labour productivity and the dynamics of inequality.

The Politics of Post-Growth

Beyond the choke hold of growth: post-growth or radical degrowth?

Tim Jackson in conversation with Giorgos Kallis
The 2018 Post-Growth conference at the European Parliament marked a milestone in the history of the post-growth debate. In this interview, Riccardo Mastini discusses the possibilities and challenges for imagining a world beyond growth with two key post-growth thinkers—Tim Jackson and Giorgos Kallis.

The Burning Question | BBC World Service Debate w Tim Jackson and Michael Liebreich

The Burning Question

BBC World Service Debate w Tim Jackson and Michael Liebreich
In Autumn 2018, CUSP Director Tim Jackson responded to an essay by Michael Liebreich, sparking a month-long debate on social media. BBC Business Daily brought Tim and Michael together to discuss the ‘burning question’ face-to-face: Is eternal economic growth feasible (and desirable) on a finite planet?

How the light gets in—The science behind growth scepticism | Blog by Tim Jackson

How the light gets in—The science behind growth scepticism

The Entropy Law still matters. Tim Jackson responds to Michael Liebreich’s essay on the ‘The secret of eternal growth’.

Beyond Redistribution—Confronting inequality in an era of low growth | An Economy That Works, Briefing Paper No 2

Beyond Redistribution—Confronting inequality in an era of low growth

Policy Briefing for APPG on Limits to Growth
The second in the series of briefing papers on building An Economy That Works explores inequality in the UK. It examines the evidence for rising inequality over the last fifty years, estimates the economic welfare lost to society from an unequal distribution of incomes and addresses the critical question of managing inequality in the context of declining growth rates.


The Dilemma of Growth

Panel debate w Tim Jackson and David Folkerts-Landau
As part of the 2018 ZEIT Wirtschaftsforum, Tim Jackson and David Folkerts-Landau (Chief Economist, Deutsche Bank) were invited for a debate on the dilemma of growth, the relevance of GDP growth for wellbeing, and the political feasibility of a postgrowth agenda.

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Rethinking Economic Policy in the EU

First Postgrowth conference at EU parliament, with keynote by Tim Jackson
Scientists, politicians, and policymakers gathering in Brussels for landmark conference: Hosted at the EU parliament, the multi-stakeholder event is exploring visions and solutions for a post-growth economy in Europe. An accompanying petition calling on the EU and its member states to plan for a postgrowth future is now published in leading newspapers all over Europe. Read more on the CUSP website.

LowGrow SFC: An ecological macroeconomic simulation model by Tim Jackson and Peter Victor

LowGrow SFC: An ecological macroeconomic simulation model

System dynamics model by Tim Jackson and Peter Victor
New ISEE simulation tool live to explore low carbon and sustainable prosperity scenarios for the Canadian economy out to 2067.

An Economy That Works Briefing Paper Series, No 1 Tim Jackson

Understanding the ‘New Normal’—The Challenge of Secular Stagnation

Policy Briefing for the APPG on Limits to Growth
This first in a series of briefing papers on building An Economy That Works explores the underlying phenomenon of ‘secular stagnation’ – a long-term decline in the rate of growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The paper examines the evidence, explores the causes and discusses the implications of what some now call the ‘new normal’.

Utopia, Future of Work

The Future Of Work — Lessons from the History of Utopian Thought

CUSP working paper by Simon Mair, Angela Druckman and Tim Jackson
This paper aims to contribute towards the development of a political economy of work fit for purpose in a world of social and environmental limits. In order to get beyond today’s dominant conceptions of work in a growth-based capitalism, Simon Mair, Angela Druckman and Tim Jackson explore the role of work in historical utopias.

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‘Secular Stagnation’ meets ‘GDP Fetish’

New blog and paper on The Post-Growth Challenge
Sluggish recovery in the wake of the financial crisis has revived discussion of a ‘secular stagnation’. These conditions have been blamed for rising inequality and political instability. Tim Jackson contests this view, pointing instead to a steadfast refusal to address the ‘post-growth challenge’.

Confronting inequality in a post-growth world – Basic income, factor substitution and the future of work

Confronting Inequality in a post-growth world — Basic income, factor substitution and the future of work

New CUSP paper by Tim Jackson and Peter Victor
Piketty argued that slow growth rates inevitably lead to rising inequality. If true, this hypothesis would pose serious challenges for a ‘post-growth’ society. Fiscal responses to this dilemma include Piketty’s own suggestion to tax capital assets and more recent suggestions to provide a universal basic income that would allow even the poorest in society to meet basic needs.

Still from System Error Documentary, Finance

System Error

New documentary w Tim Jackson
Why are we so obsessed with economic growth, knowing that it has devastating effects on our finite planet (and ultimately us)? The new documentary by Florian Opitz is looking for answers to this principal contradiction of our time and considers global capitalism from the perspective of those who run it.

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Policy Challenges around Sustainable Lifestyles

Updated Book Chapter
Tim Jackson’s chapter in The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Economic Behaviour has been updated for the second edition of the international, multi-disciplinary and partly new collection, edited by Alan Lewis. Read more.

Members of the military police keep back protesters during their sit-in at the Mall Entrance to the Pentagon, 21 Oct 1967 (courtesy of NARA / wiki commons)

‘Everything, in short, except that which makes life worthwhile’

Blog by Tim Jackson
Fifty years to the day after Robert Kennedy’s historic speech on the limitations of the GDP at the University of Kansas in March 1968, Tim Jackson reflects on the failings of measurement and vision which still haunt both economic policy and our everyday life.


Congreso Futuro | Prosperity on a Finite Planet

Tim Jackson joining the 7th Future Congress, Chile 17-19 Jan 2018
Set up by the Senate of Chile, with the aim to decentralize knowledge, the international, transdisciplinary event is considered to be the most important scientific dissemination event in Latin America, taking place over seven days in ten regions.


Beyond the Crisis—How to rethink the economy

Video interview with Tim Jackson, Internazionale
“We live in a financial, economic and social system that is now dysfunctional. At this point we need a radical solution,” says Tim Jackson, interviewed at the International Book Festival in Ferrara. “What we can do is build a system that does not rely on greed to work”.

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Do we need economic growth? | BBC World Service Newshour Extra

Tim Jackson in dicscussion with Jared Bernstein, Annie Quick and Daniel Ben-Ami, Nov 2017
We are told again and again that GDP growth is good for the economy; it is said to lift people out of poverty, provides jobs and investment, and improves lives. While there is general agreement about the need for growth in the developing world, what about the costs of growth in the rich world?

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This new world—Reframing the distribution of rewards

Tim Jackson for Huffington Post, 18 Oct 2017
Remember trickle-down theory? It’s the rose-tinted notion that economic growth is the only way to bring poor people out of poverty and reduce the inequality that divides society and undermines political solidarity. It’s not working and our choices are clear. Either we endure the rising instability and fractured politics of a deeply unequal world, or we build a new vision of a shared prosperity.

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Broken Promises—the engine of consumerism

Blog, 21 Sept 2017
Does consumerism thrive on our discontentment? Tim Jackson argues yes, the success of consumer society lies not in meeting our needs but in its spectacular ability to repeatedly disappoint us. This may seem dark, but from here we can understand why consumerism must eventually fall—and how to replace it.

Club of Rome Summer Academy

Challenging an Unsustainable Economic System

Club of Rome Summer Academy, Florence 12 Sept 2017
Tim Jackson giving seminar at 1st Club of Rome Summer Academy. Focusing on new economic thinking beyond growth, the academy offers in-depth, cutting-edge insights “to mobilise students and academics, young professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, young journalists, artists and activists.” For details please see the Club of Rome website.

Tim Jackson at Festivaletteratura di Mantova

Prosperità senza crescita, Nuova Edizione

Tim Jackson at Festivaletteratura, Mantova 9 Sept 2017
Following German and French, the second edition of Prosperity Without Growth has now been translated into Italian. Tim will be presenting his work at the Festivaletteratura di Mantova on Saturday 9 Sept. For details please see the festival website.

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From Economic Growth to Growth in Wellbeing

Resurgence Festival with Tim Jackson, London 23 Sept 2017
The Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, Britain’s flagship green magazine, is hosting its fifth Festival of Wellbeing. The event will raise money for The Resurgence Trust and features CUSP Director Tim Jackson in conversation with Satish Kumar.

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The future of jobs: is decent work for all a pipe dream?

Tim Jackson writing for The Guardian, 15 August 2017
Rapid developments in technology and unpredictable economies are destabilising employment as we know it. What are the possible solutions? It’s not the demand for human labour that is disappearing, Tim Jackson argues, but the institutions and economics to deliver it.

Wohlstand Ohne Wachstum – Das Update | Book presentation, Berlin, 19 July 2017

Wohlstand Ohne Wachstum – Das Update

German Translation of Prosperity Without Growth, Berlin, 19 July 2017
The second edition of Tim’s groundbreaking book is now translated into German. The launch event, organised by the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, was held in July 2017 in Berlin.

Learning to Thrive

Learning to Thrive

Innovation Unit Event with Tim Jackson, London 28 June 2017
What does it really mean to thrive in today’s world, and what are the key ingredients of a good society that works for everyone? Tim Jackson discussing solutions at evening event co-hosted by Innovation Unit, Webb Memorial Trust and Compass.

Can economies thrive without growth? | RSA radio, June 2017

Can economies thrive without growth?

RSA Radio with Tim Jackson and Matthew Taylor, June 2017
When economies stop growing they go into crisis, but it seems impossible for them to grow forever without causing ecological catastrophe. Matthew Taylor talks to Tim Jackson about the big dilemma in sustainability and his book Prosperity without Growth which charted a way out of it.


The Future of ‘Good Work’

Tim Jackson at The Unusual Suspects Festival, London 14 June 2017
Society tells us to value meaning in work, whilst the education and work opportunities that would allow people to find fulfilling work remain wholly inadequate. What if each citizen had a basic income that would allow them to explore what they really care about? What if we were taught to define our own success instead of being led by financial constraints or what other people think? What if work was a vehicle to serve a collective purpose rather than individual gain? At this event, you will hear insights from people who have been working with building blocks for a radically different way of working. .


Oxford Festival of the Arts | Oxford Green Week

Tim Jackson in conversation with Lola Perrin and Kate Raworth, 25 June 2017
Composer Lola Perrin presents a keyboard conversation about climate change for piano, guest speakers and audience. Featuring Kate Raworth together with Tim Jackson. The event forms part of the Oxford Festival of the Arts and the Oxford Green Week.

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When all parties want ‘an economy that works’, you know neoliberalism is kaputt

Tim Jackson writing for The Guardian, 31 May 2017
Privatised gain and socialised loss is the defining story of capitalism over the last decades. Free-market economics has undermined the fabric of society and left millions behind – and manifestos across the political spectrum recognise it.

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How to kick the growth addiction

Tim Jackson in conversation with Allen White, April 2017
Endless economic growth, long the rallying cry of the conventional paradigm, endangers our future. Ecological economist Tim Jackson, CUSP Director and author of Prosperity Without Growth, explores the need to envision a post-growth economy with Allen White, Senior Fellow at the Tellus Institute.

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Conservation and the real world

Earth Optimism Cambridge, 22 April 2017
On 22 April 2017, the Cambridge Conservation Initiative of the UK is partnering with the Smithsonian in hosting an Earth Optimism event in Cambridge. Tim Jackson will be joining a panel with Jane Goodall, Sebastian Pole and David Amaning Kwarteng. Other speakers of the day include Fiona Reynolds, Steven Pinker and David Attenborough.

Discover the Future… Foundations for the Economy of Tomorrow | Luxembourg 22 March 2017
Tim Jackson will be opening the Luxexpo Springbreak Business Forum in Luxembourg.  The world is facing recession, climate change, growing equality and more.  Tim Jackson is challenging economic principles and explains how we can stop feeding crises and start investing in our future.  He will share his vision of the alternatives available to us. Tim will be introduced by Romain Poulles, President of the Luxembourg Center for Circular Economy.
Also in attendance will be Luxembourg’s Grand-Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa.
Brussels 13 March 2017
The European Trade Union Institute has invited Tim to introduce his substantially revised and re-written second edition of Prosperity Without Growth at their March monthly Forum.  The presentation will be met by Marie-Hélène Ska who will comment on the arguments from a workers’ perspective having in mind the challenges and new opportunities that this new vision of social progress may bring about. The ETUI interview can be accessed in the video gallery.