Welcome to Tim Jackson’s website. This site is a source of news and information about Tim’s work both as ecological economist and as radio dramatist. It is updated regularly and offers links to his talks, publications and radio plays.


Tim Jackson in panel debate at Emmanuel Centre, London, 16 May 2016
Intelligence Squared is hosting a discussion on the future of the global economy. Other panelists include Stephanie Flanders, JP Morgan’s chief market strategist for Europe, and acclaimed US economic historian Deirdre McCloskey. The evening will be moderated by Kamal Ahmed, Economics Editor of BBC News.
46th St Gallen Symposium | 12 May 2016
St Gallen Symposium w/ Tim Jackson/span>
Tim Jackson gives opening keynote and in-depth workshop at the 46th St. Gallen Symposium, a high-profile annual conference designed to “capture and condense the most relevant debates currently shaping the world around us and making them center-stage.”
Launch event: Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP)
CUSP is directed by Prof Tim Jackson.The event is the first in a series of public debates (hosted by CUSP) engaging young and old alike across business, policy and civil society in one of the most vital questions of our time: what does prosperity mean in a world of environmental and social limits?
New publication by Prof Tim Jackson and Robin Webster – April 2016
To coincide with the launch of a new All Party Parliamentary Group on Limits to Growth, Tim Jackson discusses the continuing relevance of the Club of Rome’s groundbreaking report in today’s context and introduces Limits Revisited, a new review of the debate, co-written with environmental writer Robin Webster.
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Towards a Stock-Flow Consistent Macroeconomics
New publication by Prof Tim Jackson et al – April 2016
Tim Jackson and his colleagues have developed a suite of macroeconomic models based on the methodology of Post – Keynesian Stock Flow Consistent (SFC) system dynamics. Taken together these models represent the first steps in constructing a new macroeconomic synthesis capable of exploring the economic and financial dimensions of an economy confronting resource or environmental constraints.


Design for life: a commentary on Peter Sterling’s ‘why we consume’
Guest blog for the Great Transition Initiative
Why do we ever constrain our instinct for short-term pleasure? Particularly if, as this essay claims, short-term pleasure is all there is. Why is it that the most fulfilling activities in the long term have more to do with short-term pain than short-term pleasure?


Towards a sustainable prosperity
Tim Jackson introducing the CUSP work programme – 18 Feb 2016
In the first blog of this new series, CUSP director Prof Tim Jackson explores the nature of prosperity and the challenge of achieving sustainable prosperity.


Growth in Transition
Tim Jackson gives keynote lecture at 2016 Growth in Transition Conference – 24 Feb 2016
This year’s Growth in Transition Conference focuses on three key subject areas: Constraints, Transformation and Development. Tim Jackson will give a keynote lecture on Flourishing within Limits – The Foundations for a Sustainable Prosperity.

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A World without Growth
Tim Jackson’s letter to the Editor – New York Times, 14 December 2015
Eduardo Porter generously cites Tim Jackson’s and Peter Victor’s work in his recent NYT article (“No Growth, No World? Think About It”), but doesn’t convey the main findings of their research. This letter is a clarification.

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The Mindful Consumer. Mindfulness training and the escape from consumerism
New think-piece by Tim Jackson & Alison Armstrong, October 2015
This essay forms a contribution to Friends of the Earth’s ‘Big Ideas’ programme, which is examining potential high-leverage interventions towards justice and sustainability across a range of domains.