Limits to Growth – is this the last call?


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Limits to Growth – is this the last call

Charting the story behind the writing of the 1972 environmentalist classic Limits to Growth, a screening of the award-winning documentary Last Call was taking place at the House of Commons in London, 4 March 2015. Taking its cue from the issues raised in the documentary the event was followed by an expert panel discussion: Is there still time for a last call? What would heeding that call mean in practical terms?

The panel is chaired by

Joan Walley MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group; Chair of the  Environmental Audit Committee

Discussants include:

  • Camilla Born, Co-Director, UK Youth Climate Coalition
  • Catherine Cameron, Director, Agulhas Applied Knowledge; Member of core team of Stern Review; Visiting Fellow at Smith School, Oxford, and the Global Resource Observatory at the Global Sustainability Institute
  • Enrico Cerasuolo, Film Director, Last Call
  • Prof. Tim Jackson, Professor of Sustainable Development at University of Surrey, Author of Prosperity without Growth
  • David Powell, Senior Campaigner, Economics and Resource Use, Friends of the Earth


The documentary Last Call tells the story of the rise, fall, and today’s rebirth of one of the most controversial environmental books of all times. It follows the events through the book’s mentors Aurelio Peccei and Jay Forrester, Dennis and Donella Meadows, Jørgen Randers and Bill Behrens. Supported by extraordinary archive materials, the authors of The Limits to Growth provide provocative insights into the global crisis and share their visions of our common future.

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