State of the World 2015 & Circular Economy
Tim Jackson to give keynote lecture at Worldwatch Institute launch event, Copenhagen 22 April 2015

Tim Jackson will give a keynote lecture at the European launch of this year’s State of the World report, the flagship publication by the Worldwatch Institute.

In the report, Tim Jackson and other leading experts explore hidden threats to sustainability and how best to address them. What will happen to the price and availability of fossil energy – the foundation of industrial civilization – as these resources oscillate between surplus and scarcity? If perpetual economic growth on a finite planet is impossible, what are the alternatives? Can national governments manage the transition? Eight key issues are addressed in depth, along with the central question of how we can develop resilience to these and other shocks.

The launch event coincides with the introduction of a new circular economy initiative to support the transition from the current economic model towards a circular based economy in which biological materials are designed to re-enter the biosphere and technical materials are designed to circulate with minimal loss of quality.

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