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A World without Growth
Tim Jackson’s letter to the Editor – New York Times, 14 December 2015
Eduardo Porter generously cites Tim Jackson’s and Peter Victor’s work in his recent NYT article (“No Growth, No World? Think About It”), but doesn’t convey the main findings of their research. This letter is a clarification.

Forging an economy fit for the future, RSA Makers Summit | London, 02 December 2015

RSA Makers Summit 2015
Tim Jackson joining panel discussion on “Forging an economy fit for the future“, 2 December 2015, London
A session looking at how a burgeoning maker community might help to make the transition towards a different kind of economy where individuals are more creative, our economy more prosperous and our environment more sustainable. The session is chaired by Tony Greenham; panelists also include Kate Raworth and Vinay Gupta.


Scales, Levels and Spaces at the Nexus
Tim Jackson giving keynote at Nexus Network annual conference, 19 November 2015, London
The Nexus Network is an ESRC funded three-year initiative to foster debate, innovative research and practical collaborations across the linked ‘nexus’ domains of food, energy, water and the environment. …read more

Something Understood | BBC Radio 4, Oct 2015

Something Understood: Enough is Enough
Tim Jackson joins John McCarthy and Ian Bostridge for BBC Radio 4
»Something Understood« on BBC Radio 4 is an ethical and religious discussion series that examines some of the larger questions of life, taking a spiritual theme and exploring it through music, prose and poetry.

TJ for gt-initiative

Commentary on “Marxism and Ecology: Common Fonts of a Great Transition”
Tim Jackson explores the connection between Malthus, Darwin, and Marx in intellectual history – Great Transition Blog, Oct 2015
The Great Transition Initiative is an online forum and international network for scholarly discourse and the critical exploration of concepts, strategies, and visions for a transition to a future of enriched lives, human solidarity, and a resilient biosphere.

Mindfulness/ (CC BY 2.0)

The Mindful Consumer. Mindfulness training and the escape from consumerism
New think-piece by Tim Jackson & Alison Armstrong, October 2015 
This essay forms a contribution to Friends of the Earth’s ‘Big Ideas’ programme, which is examining potential high-leverage interventions towards justice and sustainability across a range of domains.

TJ - UNEP Fi Report

UNEP inquiry: design of a sustainable financial system
New report by Tim Jackson & Peter Victor on FALSTAFF model, September 2015 
This working paper results from a workshop which the UNEP Inquiry and CIGI held on 2-3 December 2014 to discuss options for a sustainable global financial system.


The case for slower growth
Tim Jackson in debate for The Economist, Aug 2015
Most often, what stands in the way of progress is an undying allegiance to growth at all costs. Growth must go on, we insist: not just for the poorest countries, where a better quality of life is desperately needed… Read full article here.


Taking stock of Industrial Ecology
Tim Jackson gives keynote lecture at ISIE 2015 conference, 7 July 2015
This conference reviews what industrial ecology has achieved so far, how it is being applied and how it needs to develop in future. A book of specially written essays will be published shortly.


Good Life Beyond Growth – Conference
Tim Jackson to give keynote lecture at Friedrich-Schiller University :: Jena, 21 May 2015
The aim of the conference is to offer a platform for fruitful interdisciplinary debates among different approaches to what a good human life is and how it may be re-framed for a post-growth society.


State of the World 2015
Tim Jackson to give keynote lecture at Worldwatch Institute launch event, 22 April 2015
In the report, Tim Jackson and other leading experts explore hidden threats to sustainability and how best to address them.


Does interest-bearing debt create a ‘growth imperative’?
New Working paper and FALSTAFF model online
An early application of  Tim Jackson’s & Peter Victor’s FALSTAFF model finds that neither credit creation nor the charging of interest on debt create a ‘growth imperative’ in and of themselves.


Tim Jackson in interview with Larry Elliot, 20 April 2015
What would happen to the global economy if we turned away from fossil fuels? Would we need to accept a voluntary global recession on a scale never before witnessed? Would we have to turn away from the idea of growth altogether?


Limits to Growth – is this the last call?
Tim Jackson joins panel discussion at the House of Commons film screening, 4 March 2015
Taking its cue from the issues raised in the documentary the event was followed by an expert panel discussion: Is there still time for a last call? What would heeding that call mean in practical terms?


#Scala Mercalli
Tim Jackson appears on prime-time Italian TV show
Prof Tim Jackson was a guest on the opening episode of new prime-time Italian TV show, Scala Mercalli, first broadcast on 28th February.


Shared Planet – BBC Radio 4
Tim Jackson joins Monty Don for a special edition of Shared Planet, Jan 2015
Monty Don and a panel of experts in subjects ranging from conservation science to urban planning and economics discuss the concept of ‘setting aside’ half the earth for nature.



Good Old Growth!
New documentary by Marie-Monique Robin, featuring Tim Jackson
In her latest investigation, French journalist and accomplished film-maker Marie-Monique Robin questions the dogma of growth and investigates social and economic alternatives.


Climate change and economic growth
Tim Jackson blogs for the Guardian’s new ‘rethinking prosperity’ hub, 22 September 2014
He argues that improving prosperity is not the same thing as growing the economy. Read the blog here.


Tim Jackson joins advisory board of ambitious new Aldersgate Group coalition, December 2014
The Aldersgate Group has launched an ambitious new campaign to set out a new macro-economic roadmap for the UK. Tim Jackson is joining the coalition in an advisory capacity.

KR Foundation

Kann Foundation
Tim Jackson appointed to board of new Foundation chaired by Connie Hedegaard
The work of the Kann Foundation will start from 1 January 2015. The fund will focus on initiatives to promote economic transition.

Tim Jackson and Peter Victor — Does slow growth increase inequality, A stock-flow consistent explorationo of the Piketty hypothesis

Does slow growth increase inequality?
New PASSAGE working paper online, 12 August 2014
To test the hypothesis that slow growth rates lead to rising inequality, we developed a simple four-sector, demand-driven model of Savings, Inequality and Growth in a MAcroeconomic framework (SIGMA).


Invisible (R)evolutions
New documentary on “slow-down” initiatives worldwide
The documentary by Phillippe Borrel explores transition initiatives, looking for ways to return to an understanding and use of time that allows for mindfulness, patience and purpose.


Foundations for an ecological macro-economics
New paper by Tim Jackson et al, 31 July 2014
The paper describes briefly the challenge of modelling combined economic, ecological and financial systems and sets out a series of objectives for modelling the socio-economic transition towards sustainability.


Do we throw too much stuff away?
Tim Jackson in BBC Newsnight report on circular economy, 24 July 2014
Featuring Ellen MacArthur and Tim Jackson, the recent BBC Newsnight piece by Mark Miodownik introduces the concept of the circular economy. See the video here.

tj growing prosperity 2014-01

Growing Prosperity Conference 2014
Tim Jackson in podium discussion with Jon Snow, Sally Uren and Julia Groves, London 10 July 2014
Growing Prosperity is a one-day conference exploring the potential benefits of a greener economy and its important role in creating prosperity for all.

icap 2014

From crisis to sustainable well-being
Tim Jackson gives opening lecture at 28th ICAP congress, Paris 8 July 2014
This year’s congress “From crisis to sustainable well-being” aims to concentrate on the individual and social reactions to that crisis that go beyond economic issues: the question of individual and collective well-being.

5x15 copy

Capitalism & its Discontents
Tim Jackson speaks at 5×15 event, London 30 June 2014
On Monday, 30 June 2014 Tim Jackson joined George Monbiot, Kate Raworth, Danny Dorling and Jack Monroe for a lively evening at The Tabernacle, London. Under the special theme Capitalism & its Discontents, the speakers shared their individual stories about their inspiration and passion for sustainability. Video available here.

People's Parliament

Making money work for the people
Tim Jackson in debate at People’s Parliament, 25 June 2014, House of Commons
The People’s Parliament is a discussion series held in Parliament, hosted by John McDonnell MP with the aim of livening up, and providing political depth, to the debate in the run up to the next election.


Sustainable Living: Myths, Meanings and Realities
Conference Material from SLRG Dissemination Event is now online
Stimulating and challenging one-day event hosted by the Sustainable Lifestyles Research Group (SLRG) featuring presentations from the SLRG team on the findings of their research.


The Green Economy
Tim Jackson to give lecture for Thor Heyerdahl Summer School, Ås 18 June 2014
The session will explore the resource implications of further growth, the technical potential for decoupling growth from resource throughput, the system dynamics of the modern economy and the psychological and social drivers of unsustainable consumption.


Growing a circular economy: 3rd evidence session
Tim Jackson to give evidence for Environmental Audit Committee on a circular economy, 11 June 2014
This is the third evidence session in the Committee’s “Growing a circular economy” inquiry. It will explore whether it is possible to de-couple economic growth from natural resource use and the role that household recycling and the waste management sector plays in the circular economy.


Prosperity for a finite planet
Video of Tim Jackson’s talk at The Architectural League of New York, 24 April 2014 now available
As part of the consideration of Economics & Investment within the 5KL initiative – an initiative dedicated to new ways of thinking, talking, and acting on architecture, climate change, and the economic future – Tim Jackson speaks about the shifting paths for achieving prosperity in our lives.


Sustainable Prosperity: New directions for social science research
British Academy and ESRC Workshop Summary
On 20 February 2014, Tim Jackson spoke at a workshop co-hosted by the British Academy and the ESRC, designed to explore issues around sustainable prosperity. A summary of this event is now available for download.

Club of Rome logo c

Club of Rome
Tim Jackson joins renowned international think-tank on sustainability
Professor Jackson looks forward to a close involvement with this influential group of diplomats, scientists, economists and business leaders from around the globe.

tim - responder march 2014-01

RESPONDER Final Conference
“Austerity, Stimulus or Post-growth for Europe”, Brussels 21 March 2014
On 21 March 2014 Tim Jackson will be speaking at the EU project workshop RESPONDER’s final conference on “Austerity, Stimulus or Post-growth for Europe”.

Tim - sustainable prosperity-01

Sustainable prosperity
Tim Jackson to give keynote provocation on “Sustainable prosperity”, London 20 Feb 2014
The Economic and Social Research Council and British Academy are co-hosting a scoping workshop designed to explore issues around a sustainable prosperity.

enouggh is enough-01-crop-u11687

Enough is Enough
Tim Jackson featured in new short documentary
“Enough is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources” lays out an alternative to the perpetual pursuit of economic growth — an economy where the goal is enough, not more.

Tim - Angst essen Seele auf

Economy of Sufficiency
Tim Jackson contributes to new publication of the Wuppertal Institute
With his think piece Angst essen Seele auf — Escaping the ‘iron cage’ of consumerism, Tim Jackson adds to an eclectic set of essays by co-contributing authors such as Vandana Shiva, Ashok Khosla and Richard B. Norgaard

SDRN logo-01

Sustainability 2020
Tim Jackson speaks at the SDRN Annual Conference, 28 January 2014
This year’s conference will look at the progress and challenges of meeting the sustainable development goals the UK has committed to and explores whether the right tools, research programmes and policies are available and put into place.

Tim - Britian in 2014

Britain in 2014
Tim Jackson comments in recently published ESRC’s annual flagship magazine
Britain in 2014 showcases the wide range of ESRC funded research through the contributions of leading social scientists, journalists and opinion-formers. Addressing the public, politicians, policy makers and media, the authors reflect on some of the UK’s pressing issues.



Paths to an ecological and just society
Tim Jackson gives presentation at Urania Berlin, 29 Nov 2013
As part of the Urania lecture series “Wege in eine ökologische und gerechte Gesellschaft”, Tim Jackson gives a presentation on Prosperity without Growth and discusses the vision of a thriving society within ecological limits.

1,2,3 Go Social
Tim Jackson gives keynote at Social Enterprise Award Ceremony in Luxembourg, 28 Nov 2013
The 1,2,3 Go Social Event, under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade of Luxembourg and in the presence of La Grande Duchesse honours outstanding social enterprises. Tim Jackson will give a keynote speech on the role of social enterprises in a post-crisis economy.

UN Sustainable Development Goals – post 2015
Tim Jackson gives keynote at Annual Parliamentary Hearing at the United Nations, New York 14 November 2013
Focus of the Parliamentary Hearing, entitled Re-thinking sustainable development: the quest for a “transformational” global agenda in 2015, was the role of parliaments in the implementation of the new commitments for sustainable development. See the whole debate here.

World Social Science Report 2013
SLRG contributing to new UNESCO/ISSC publication
“Sustainable consumption and lifestyles? Children and youth in cities” (by i.a. Bronwyn Hayward, Ian Christie and Tim Jackson) focuses on one of the world’s first online qualitative global surveys of young consumers and their lifestyles. The discussion highlights how the survey has informed subsequent planning for a new mixed-method global study of urban youth, CYCLES for sustainability.

Sustaining the Commons
Tim Jackson and Peter Victor present their new report at CANSEE 2013
The report “Green Economy at Community Scale” explores the concept of the green economy as a potential solution to multiple sustainability challenges and is drawn from the authors’ original analysis of the flow of natural and financial assets at the national level.

Vida Boa em um Planeta Finito
Tim Jackson at Brazilian book launch of Prosperity Without Growth, 28 Oct 2013
The Brazilian translation of Prosperity Without Growth was officially launched on 28 October 2013 in São Paulo. With its title “Prosperidade Sem Crescimento – Vida Boa em um Planeta Finito”, it is one of 17 translations.

Where is the Green Economy?
Tim Jackson gives sustainability lecture at Københavns Universitet, 23 Oct 2013
As part of the Copenhagen sustainability lecture series, Tim’s talk explored the dimensions of the green economy, arguing that we must look beyond the politics of austerity and the irresponsibility of the ‘casino economy’.

Sustainable Finance
Tim Jackson gave Keynote at Triodos Dag 2013
The Belgian branch of Triodos Bank, the European reference in sustainable banking, celebrated its 20th anniversary with a public event – the Triodos Day, taking place in Brussels on Sunday 13 October. Tim Jackson gave a keynote talk on Properity without Growth.

Time on our side
Tim Jackson contributes to new nef-publication “Time on our side: why we we all need a shorter working week”
In his commentary “The trouble with productivity” Tim Jackson challenges the argument that more labour productivity inevitably leads to more growth and more jobs. The SLRG output “Time, gender and carbon” discusses the necessities to change the way we do things in our daily lives with respect to the UK’s challenging targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The future of prosperity
Interview project with Tim Jackson
In this cross-media project WIll we save the world?: Conversations about the future of technology and the planet, leading international scientists and engineers, noted academics from the humanities and social sciences, prominent figures from the arts and members of the public come together in conversation.

XIII RSE conference: Vota Sustentabilidad
Tim Jackson gives talk on sustainable business, Santiago de Chile 22 August 2013
Accion RSE is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in Chile. Find the video here.

Tim - the altruist within

The altruist within
Tim Jackson gives presentation at Sea of Faith 26th Annual Conference, Leicester 25 July 2013
Tim Jackson was invited to give a talk about his economic and socio-philosophical findings at the Annual Conference of the Sea of Faith Organisation, an engaged and spiritually motivated network of local groups who meet regularly for discussion. The audio recording and presentation slides can be found here.


Honorary Degree from the University of Brighton
Tim Jackson awarded the Doctor of Science, 22 July 2013
Leading contributors to the worlds of education, science, literature and health received honorary awards from the University of Brighton. Recipients include Neil Bartlett, Matthew Taylor, Ian Stewart, Elizabeth Mills and Nigel Walker. The ceremony were held in the Brighton Dome Concert Hall.


The Prince of Wales Food & Farming Summer School
Tim Jackson gave a lecture at the Organic Research Centre in Elm Farm, 18 July 2013
The summer school engages leading individuals from farming, food businesses, research, government and non-governmental organisations in addressing the challenges of producing sufficient food sustainably, to meet not just the requirements of current but also of future generations.


What Would Thomas Bernhard Do #WWTBD
Tim Jackson on »Prosperity and Sustainability in the Green Economy«, video now available
Our economic system is still based on the equation “growth = prosperity = a secure standard of living”. After the global financial crisis, a radical revision of this materialistically oriented economics is inevitable. The ten-day festival #WWTBD focused on central issues of our society, and draws on Thomas Bernhard’s tradition of critical thinking.

erdgespräche 2013-a

EARTHtalks 2013
With Prof Tim Jackson, Vienna 16 May 2013, video now available
EARTHtalks is one of the largest conferences on green topics in Austria. According to its motto “Bottom Up!” the aim is to inform the public about eco social topics, link eco social initiatives and activate the motivation to change social behaviour. The video from this years conference is available here.

Tim - transicao Jun 13

Prosperidade sem crescimento
Portuguese book launch of Prosperity without Growth, Lisbon 24 June 2013
Prosperidade sem crescimento – economia para um planeta finito will be launched at the Teatro Maria Matos in Lisbon. To this occasion and as part of the Ciclo de Conferências Transição Tim Jackson will be giving a lecture on »Prosperity and Sustainability in a Green Economy«.

Que faire? Was tun?
Tim Jackson in German-French documentary series about the requirements for a sustainable future of humanity
WHAT IS TO BE DONE? For a sustainable future of humanity
30 Short Documentaries / HD / 10-14 mins / D 2010-2013
Directors: Dirk Wilutzky & Mathilde Bonnefoy
ARTE TV, May 2013


Transforming Finance
Tim Jackson on »Socially useful investment«, London 10 May 2013
The conference on Transforming Finance is a coalition project led by Friends of the Earth, and draws on the expertise and support of a broad alliance of think tanks and NGOs with an interest in making finance work for people and planet, including the New Economics Foundation and Finance Lab. Videos of the conference can be found here.

tim - responder march 2014-01

Changing the Finance System to enable the Transition to a Sustainable Economy, Brussels 14-15 May 2013
Tim Jackson will be speaking at the EU project workshop, alongside Peter Blom from Triodos Bank, Green Party MEP Philippe Lamberts and others.


Reinventing the Future: Green Economy at Community Scale
Workshop by Tim Jackson and Peter Victor, Toronto 1 May 2013
Professor Jackson will present the work he and Professor Victor are currently conducting, as Metcalf Fellows, to interpret what green economy means at community scale.

Tim Cambridge talk

Distinguished Lecture Series
Tim Jackson on Economics for a Finite Planet at University of Cambridge, 20 March 2013
The Distinguished Lecture Series are designed to attract speakers of international standing and repute to give their views on Sustainable Development. Speakers include leading experts from Cambridge University as well as from other leading universities, government bodies, multi-national corporations and international organisations. The lecture can be followed here.

i - march 13 - sveriges radio

Tillväxt och Konsumtion – Growth and Consumption
Tim Jackson interviewed by Kajsa Boglind, Sveriges Radio
Tim Jackson was interviewed for the Swedish Radio programme Konflikt, broadcast on Swedish national radio on 9 March 2013. Listen to the interview here.

tim huffington live

Working Futures
Tim Jackson on Huffington Post Live Panel
Whether you work from home or in an office, part-time or full-time, the 9 to 5 dynamic has evolved. Is an economic future with fewer jobs & fewer work hours inevitable? Tim Jackson speaks at online panel discussion on Huffington Post live about work productivity and implications of quantity versus quality.

Climate Crimes 2012

Climate Crimes
Tim Jackson featured in an Austrian documentary
Green Policies that are killing Nature, a film by Ulrich Eichelmann, Austria 2012 – the documentary explores the limitations of prevailing responses to climate change, in particular the concept of ‘green growth’.

Mind the book

Mind the Book Festival 2013
Tim Jackson in discussion with Tomáš Sedláček, 2 March 2013
On 2nd March, Tim Jackson he visits Mind the Book – a Belgian book festival held this year in Antwerp – to discuss his work with Tomáš Sedláček, renowned Czech economist and author of the Economics of Good and Evil.

Namur Symposium thumbnail

Interdisciplinary Symposium on Sustainable Development in Namur
Keynote by Tim Jackson, 01 February 2013
Tim Jackson speaks at Interdisciplinary Symposium on Sustainable Development in Namur, Belgium: Saving the Green Economy: prosperity, sustainability and work “after the crisis”. … Find Livestream here